Guest Blog, News gives “Best of the Best” for soccer headgear to Halo 2 gives the Unequal Halo 2 “Best of the Best” for soccer headgear. Among the accolades... “Exceptional in maintaining precise control of the soccer ball while protecting the most important commodity.” “Lightweight with protection around the head's circumference. Adjusts to your body as your own temperature changes. Great for overall ball control. Holds up in… Continue reading gives “Best of the Best” for soccer headgear to Halo 2


VIDEO – Man’s invention making sports safer for everyone

GLEN MILLS, Pa. (WPVI) -- You may not have heard of Commotio Cordis, but this strike to the heart by a hand, ball or stick is one of the top killers in youth sports. In Glen Mills, Delaware County they are designing and creating something small and featherweight that's taking big steps to change those… Continue reading VIDEO – Man’s invention making sports safer for everyone


Stella Merriman

Stella Merriman is a 9-year old cheerleader competing almost beyond her years. She’s a “flyer" and puts herself at risk at every practice and competition, as do her fellow team members and competitors. Stella has been competing for 4 years and has enjoyed it from the first day out. Since discovering the Unequal Halo, she… Continue reading Stella Merriman


Protect Your Thinker

You probably know that only around 30% of concussions in soccer come from heading the ball and 70% or so are from accidental collisions with other heads, elbows, knees, the ground, goal posts and the like. But even if you just look at heading the ball, protection is paramount… especially among younger players. The following… Continue reading Protect Your Thinker


Mercedes DeMumbrum

"I had a concussion in early 2017 and it really set me back. Coming back, I knew I needed protection. I am really glad I found Unequal because the added confidence from wearing it has led to my game being at a higher level than before my concussion!" About Mercedes DeMumbrum Hometown: Phoenix, AZ Birth… Continue reading Mercedes DeMumbrum