CNN (Video) Report – Is your school equipped to save a life?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN Chief Medical Correspondent February 10, 2023 Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in young competitive athletes, with one study finding as many as one death every three days in youth sports. One of those deaths was 16-year-old Matthew Mangine Jr., a soccer player at St. Henry District High… Continue reading CNN (Video) Report – Is your school equipped to save a life?

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Fox29 (Video) Report – Local company fights commotio cordis

A Pennsylvania-based athletic protection company is out to prevent injuries like the one that caused Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin to collapse on the field. Unequal Technologies in Glen Mills uses battlefield technology to make lightweight protective sportswear. The potentially life-saving gear aims to protect wearers from commotio cordis, which health experts say happens when someone experiences extreme trauma to the chest.


Trailblazing soccer legend Briana Scurry inspires

From the Washington Blade Scurry, now fully recovered, talks about her traumatic brain injury to educate soccer players, coaches, and parents about concussions. “There’s more research now about ways to help protect players from concussions,” she said. Headbands would help protect players against concussions, Scurry said. “Some of the players won’t wear headbands,” she added,… Continue reading Trailblazing soccer legend Briana Scurry inspires