Callie Woods

When it comes to girls softball Callie Woods is all over it! She’s been playing since she was 5 or 6 and has played every position, with a focus on infield. Her dad, Roy, who is also her team’s assistant coach, realizes as she is getting older, everything is faster… from pitches, to infield line drives. He’d heard of commotio cordis and no way was that going to happen to his daughter! He went looking for the best, most comfortable, most protective chest protection he could find that wouldn’t inhibit her play and found the Unequal HART pad. Read more…



Going into 7th grade
Watkinsville, GA
Oconee County Middle School & Georgia Classics U12 Club ball
First base and Utility
Led team in RBIs

Callie plays for the Georgia Classics U12 team and going into 7th grade will be playing for her Oconee County Middle School team in Watkinsville, GA as well. She was just named to a permanent position at first base and is thrilled. She’s an excellent student as well with an average of more than 95%.


Roy has been a Head & Assistant Softball Coach, for many seasons. His experience also includes coaching High School and Marine softball.

Roy had heard of commotio cordis and no way was that going to happen to his daughter!

Roy: “I’ve been coaching Callie since she was in t-ball. It’s a pleasure to see her work hard on and off the field and accomplish what she sets out to do. And I do feel a duty of care to make sure that her softball pursuits and academic pursuits are both protected. If she were to be injured, it effects more than just missing games, it can be a real set-back in many ways. I don’t even want to contemplate the alternative.”


“I just forget I am wearing the HART Pad

Callie: “My dad helped me understand how dangerous hard-hit balls can be if they hit me in the chest at the wrong time, so I was OK putting on some added padding. The Unequal HART Pad is lightweight, comfortable and I just forget I have it on. Playing first base I have more confidence knowing I am wearing really good protection.”


Paid for itself the first day out

Roy: “The HART pad is flexible and moves with her body. The first time she wore it, wouldn’t you know a line drive came right at her and before she could react it hit her smack in the chest, knocked the breath out a little bit, but there was no bruise, no mark. Paid for itself that very first day as far as I am concerned.”

“It doesn’t get in my way at all.”

Callie: “I was really glad I had that pad on. The way the ball hit me was kind of shocking for sure, I fell down… but after a few minutes of getting settled down, I was fine and kept playing. The pad has become part of me. I won’t play without it. I am known as a hitter and when I step up to the plate, my focus is on that ball and nothing else. The HART pad doesn’t get in my way at all.


The HART Pad just makes sense

Roy: “Her mom and I certainly have greater peace of mind knowing she has the protection. She doesn’t fight wearing it… she likes to wear the HART pad. I think that first hit to her chest the first day trying it sealed the deal. She knew why she was wearing it. She shows others and tells others about it and I do too. It just makes sense. Why wouldn’t you protect your child from the possibility of something awful happening? You have to do everything to protect your child.”


Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.


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  1. That’s me. I can’t believe how much this hart pad has helped me over my career. I used to be afraid about getting hit at the plate and on the field but now I feel like I can’t get hurt. I would definitely recommend this to anyone

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