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Unequal’s mission is to help reduce the risk of injury in sports with patented, battle tested technology. We recognize that technology is only part of the solution, so we dedicate this site to all of the components necessary to help make sports more safe: awareness, training, technique, and technology.

Unequal continues to revolutionize the sports industry one club, one team, one player at a time.

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“My career ended with a knee to the head. Shin guards are one thing, head protection is everything. Unequal has cracked the code on serious protection kids will wear.”

— BRIANA SCURRY / 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, World Cup Champion

“It was my lucky charm in the recent World Cup. After 2 concussions I discovered Unequal and how protective yet great looking their Halo is. It’s the perfect confidence-builder that keeps me focused on winning, not worrying!”

ALI KRIEGER / World Cup Champion