Isaiah Adams

Isaiah has been playing basketball as long as he can remember but it was football where he sustained 2 concussions in 6th and 8th grade that caused him to quit football and really go after basketball. But he was not safe there either! He got kneed and sustained a 3rd concussion while scrambling for a ball as a 9th grader playing varsity. Right then he and his parents realized he was prone to concussions and needed head protection or he was done with sports.

About Isaiah Adams

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Birth Year: 2002
Height: Almost 6’5″
School: Rowland Hall HS
Grade: 10th
Sport: Basketball
Level: Varsity
Position: Power Forward
Club Play: AAU (Amateur Athletic Union)
Accomplishments: All Region Team as a freshman
Defensive MVP as a freshman
State-wide, Leading Rebounder, Fall 2017
Concussions: 3


I hated to admit it, I needed protection.

“I have been playing basketball a long time. I love the sport. It doesn’t hurt that I have always been taller than everyone else. I played middle school and play high school ball and also have competed in the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) which is kind of like club basketball. I’ve been able to travel and compete against really good players, which has helped me develop my skills faster at a young age. After my 3rd concussion, and a 2-week recovery, I was really worried that my athletic career was done and my school work might suffer. I hated to admit it, but I needed protection! My mom had a friend whose boy played soccer and he was wearing an Unequal Halo. It made sense for me to try it.

“Unequal HALO really saved me.”

“I was hesitant at first, I was self-conscious. I thought everyone would look at me and it would call unnecessary attention to myself. But not only was that not an issue, the first time I wore it I went up for a rebound, my legs were swept out from underneath me, I fell back and my head hit the floor so hard, spectators saw it bounce. I thought I was done for. The gym went silent. Everyone freaked. But I had Unequal on… and much to my amazement and everyone else who had seen the fall, I was assessed and cleared to continue. I felt fine, no headaches, no blurred vision, nothing. The next day, I was fine. Unequal saved me, big time. It was a real eye opener for all of us and I certainly have not played or practiced without Unequal Halo since then.”

“What was interesting, the ref wasn’t going to let me wear my Halo 3 because it didn’t match my uniform. But there was no way I wasn’t wearing it (and my coach stood up for me too) and considering what happened, I was really lucky the ref had relented.”


“My confidence has increased wearing the Unequal HALO”

“Playing an AAU tournament in Las Vegas I got fouled with an elbow to the head, but I didn’t even feel it. There is no question now that I have used the HALO for about a year, it has given me added confidence to play to my potential without worrying about injury. It looks just like a headband, is so lightweight I forget I have it on, and it really protects me so I can play all out. It is very rare that I get intimidated. With big kids I just feel stronger, ready to really go after the ball and apply my skills.”



“I have watched Isaiah get 3 concussions. It has been awful every time.”

“You think there won’t be another one… but then there is the second… and a third! I was a wreck. Bones and muscles heal, your brain is forever. You want your kid to be successful in any area they want to pursue but at some point you have to say enough! We took him out of football, but basketball also had risk obviously so when we tried the Halo we sure hoped it would work. Did it ever! That big fall he took really put Unequal to the test. Everyone who saw it figured he’d be off to the hospital, including me!”

“For any parent, peace of mind is something you crave when your child is out there in the rough and tumble world of sports. My kid wouldn’t be playing if he didn’t have the Halo on. I feel better watching him, more relaxed, and I know he feels better and I think plays better with it on. Great product!”

Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.

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