A pitch, a hit, and a miracle

Patrick Plunkett, 12, survives an often-fatal strike to the chest.

Patrick watched as the low pitch ended up over the middle of the plate, not inside like he had hoped. The batter crushed the ball, sending a line drive straight back at Patrick, hitting him in the chest. He fell limp to the mound. His heart stopped beating.Watch news report video & read article here.

See what his parents are doing to protect him now.

A chest protector shirt that Patrick Plunkett’s parents would like to see all Little League players start wearing is shown with the ball that hit Patrick, 12, on a line-drive that nearly killed him, at the Plunkett’s home in southwest Ocala, Fla. on Thursday, July 13, 2017. Patrick was pitching for Ocala Scott Carrigan during a game in the Cal Ripken 12U State Baseball Championship Tournament at Scott Carrigan Park in Ocala on July 1, when he was hit above the heart by a line-drive hit by a Key West Barracuda “Conchs” batter. After he was hit, his heart stopped beating and because of the quick action of two RNs who rushed onto the field to perform CPR, Patrick is still alive today.

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