Barb & Scott Campbell

Constantly on the go, they love pickleball, have played it all over the world and attribute their on-court stamina and ability to be so nimble during play to Unequal Insoles. They first discovered Unequal in early 2017 and there has been no turning back. “These are great for walking, dancing, hiking, pickle ball… I guess anything really. Great product!” Learn more….

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Retired Couple / Avid Pickleball Players

HOMETOWN: Steamboat Springs, CO
CLUB: Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association
St. George, Utah Pickleball Club
PICKLEBALL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: — Annual STA (Steamboat Tennis Association) Tournament, Gold medal, 4.0+ Mixed Doubles


— Silver Medal, 3.5 Level, Desert Senior Games, Coachella Valley, CA

— Moved to 4.0 Level recently


— Winner, 2 Huntsman World Senior Championships, 4.5 Level, 65-70 age bracket, Doubles

— Spring, 2017, St George Tournament, Silver Medalist, Doubles, 4.5 level, over 50 age bracket



“It started with foot neuroma.”

“I had had surgery on my foot and was in regular pain. I had medaled in a tournament, but 2 weeks later I could barely walk. I had to have a steroid shot put in my foot and it lasted till recently and the pain was returning. Scott had heard about Unequal Insoles and even though I was skeptical, I decided to try them.”

“Wow! It was amazing to me. Since the first day I started using them, I have had no pain in my foot.”

“Only change I made was wearing Unequal Insoles. A drug free solution for only $39.95 and my pain went away? Amazing. Then I noticed the pain and discomfort in my artificial knee went away, and I was sold. My other knee feels so good I guess I don’t have to replace it just yet!”



“I tried these insoles and the pain went away.”

“I had a knee replacement a while back and needed to do a knee revision. After that my knee works OK but aches after playing. I tried these insoles and the pain went away. Not only that, the folks I played with noticed and commented that I was moving much faster and quicker, that I used to be so obviously stiffer when I played.”


“I don’t think I could play pickle ball without Unequal insoles now.”

“And any recovery afterwards is much faster. They have spoiled me! We are happy with these insoles and would recommend them to anyone getting on in years, trying to stay active. You need all the help you can. I used to wear a knee brace and I’m not wearing it anymore. It helps us play the game better and have more fun. That says it all.”



“My desire to get out and be active has been re-kindled.”

“I thought I was going to have to stop playing pickle ball, stop walking as far as I liked, because any activity was tortuous. I was having so much discomfort when I played, when I walked… and afterwards. But now I just don’t seem to complain about aches and pains as much… or at all.”

“These are great for walking, dancing, hiking, pickle ball… I guess anything really. Great product!”



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