We need more Safe Kids

Three cheers to Safe Kids Worldwide and their sponsor, Johnson & Johnson, for digging into the culture of youth sports.  Safe Kids surveyed athletes, coaches and parents to uncover issues these groups face.  Not only are athletes playing while injured, but coaches are feeling the pressure to keep the kids in the game.

Concussions, a topic very important to Unequal, are highlighted on page 16 (excerpt below).  Shockingly, 20 percent of college athletes felt as though they sustained a concussion in the past year, and “78 percent didn’t seek medical attention during the game or practice.”

Other key points highlight cheerleading and soccer:

There are a number of sources that report similar statistics.  Let’s agree we should do what we can to help protect our athletes.  If using a Halo could reduce the risk of concussion, doesn’t it make sense to put one on?

Click here for the concussions excerpt.

Click here to read or download the full PDF.

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