Commotio Cordis and Your Duty of Care

It goes without saying: kids should not die playing sports. But they do. The good news is something has been done about it to reduce risk. But parents and coaches need to understand the risk and more importantly need to be made aware that a solution exists. This is where school districts and school board members can play a vital role. School officials are perfectly positioned to spearhead awareness and proactively get out in front of this issue. Legal experts say leadership has a duty of care to do exactly that, which at the same time can mitigate financial exposure.

Have you heard of sudden death from commotio cordis? Even if you haven’t, it’s about to be officially on your radar. It’s the #2 killer in sports and already the NFHS (The National Federation of State High School Associations) has mandated commotio cordis protection for baseball catchers, starting in January of 2020…

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