Thanks for kindling the fire Difusco, let’s work together to get this cause burning

Coach Difusco of the Patriots Youth Travel Football points out today a real shortfall in legislation and studies trying to reduce brain injuries in athletes.  Voldoz of West Cook News focuses mostly on CTE and football, but highlighted Difusco’s point that legislation “does not address other organized sports that could cause injuries such as soccer, lacrosse, hockey and rugby.”

Statistics for sports participation are all over the web.  Doing some quick research, we find participation in football still remains high even though it is dropping.  Recent studies by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons found that “Female athletes, in particular soccer players, suffer concussions at a ‘significantly higher’ rate than their male counterparts.   The Washington Post says the results of this same study shows a real difference in concussion rates between girls and boys – with girls’ concussion in soccer ranking higher than boys’ concussion in football.

Please help us to encourage more coaches, legislators and frankly anyone who will listen that athletes have options.  Pay attention to the tech that is available and can help.  Research it.  Ask questions.  Please help us spread the word that these injury rates are unacceptable and that something can be done.  Check out the Halo for soccer, Gyro for football and the only tech proven effective for commotio.


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