Why Unequal?

We have received a number of inquiries about how we came up with our company and brand name.

In the beginning, the creator of our technology (now over 100 patents) had a moment in the early 2000’s where that word just came to him: Unequal. Like no other. Unique. One of a kind. When attached to sports protection, it was a homerun: It wasn’t just sports protection, it was unequal sports protection.

At Unequal, we celebrate the differences among all people, but focus on athletes who need/want the best protection available to reduce risk, allowing them to worry less about injury and focus more on performing at a higher level. There is no protection that compares to Unequal. That’s why it’s Unequal. Nothing comes close.

Like every individual who is unique, an athlete who wears Unequal has a unique advantage. Regardless of gender, skill, age or contact sport.

Think about it: We are protection unlike the competition. Second to none. Unparalleled. Unmatched. Unrivaled. Peerless. A difference in protection athletes can feel. And that empowers better sports performance.

So, from heart protection in our Unequal HART products, to our head protection in Unequal Nuro products… Halos, Gyros, Solos, Domes, Uncaps… to our body armor in our Battle Ready Shirts… even our Unequal insoles (!)… there is no protection like Unequal.

Unequal is like no other. Like you!


Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.

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