Mercedes DeMumbrum


“I had a concussion in early 2017 and it really set me back. Coming back, I knew I needed protection. I am really glad I found Unequal because the added confidence from wearing it has led to my game being at a higher level than before my concussion!”

About Mercedes DeMumbrum

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Birth Year: 1999
Team: Glendale Community College Gauchos
Club: Desert Elite
Position: Forward and Midfielder
Accomplishments: 4 Years Varsity- Barry Goldwater High School
Scholarship Player, GCC
Concussions: 1


Concussions are no fun.

“I am very passionate about the game. I have been playing club soccer for 5 or 6 years. But early in 2017 I got a concussion. It was really hard on me. I collided with a girl. I didn’t get checked out right away because I seemed to be generally OK. But I kept getting headaches during and after games. Finally, when the pain kept persisting, my parents took me to a specialist and there was no question. I’d had a concussion.”

“It took a long time to recover. I needed to wait it out. It was scary. Painful. I had never had one. It was serious. I couldn’t do anything for about a week, no stimulation, no TV, no texting, no cell phone. I was tired all the time. And then I had to slowly work my way back into playing.”

I knew I needed to come back wearing protection.

“My parents did research and the fact that a women’s national team member was wearing an Unequal Halo, meant it had been checked out by people more knowledgeable than me. So we got a Halo.”


“The best part is I am playing better than ever.”

“Knowing I could come back with serious protection so I could focus on my game, really helped my attitude as I returned. It fit very well…tight enough but not too tight. Snug. I started wearing it at practice. Surprisingly it didn’t distract me. It was comfortable. I liked that it looked just like a headband. I have worn it in all my practices and games since, and it has worked really well. It’s perfect.”


“The best part to the whole ordeal was my abilities came roaring back and I raised my game. That was surprising. My parents noticed it, after being very nervous when I first started playing again. But now, when I am going for a header, I am not hesitant or scared… I just head the ball and play the game.”


“We were aware that there is risk in soccer, but it hadn’t really connected until now.”

“You just don’t necessarily suspect a concussion when your child seems OK and just complains of a headache now and then. But she kept saying it… that she didn’t feel so good sometimes. Thank goodness, we listened and took her in to see a doctor. We wondered how she would play coming back from the concussion. Surprisingly, if anything, with the Halo she has been playing with more confidence and has stepped up her game.


“I searched the web looking for protection.”

“I was on a business trip when her concussion happened thousands of miles away. Horrible feeling. At least we found out what the problem was and there was a protocol for her coming back. It was not easy.”

“I discovered Unequal and what they do in world of protection. I watched all the videos, read all the testimonials, and shared with Mercy the facts. She was willing to give it a shot. Thank goodness it has worked out really well and she is playing at peak if not beyond.”

“Mercedes is not a wilting flower.”

“She has to stay at the top of her game. If that means playing aggressively to hold her position and to make her mark, then that is what she is going to do. She wants to win and wants to do what it takes to be the very best. The Halo let’s her take that center stage and go for it like she wants to and it’s our job to make sure she is protected doing just that. The Unequal Halo is a great tool allowing her to keep pushing forward to reach for the pinnacle for her, however she defines that.”

Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.

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