Unequal® Supports Sports Safety Month in April | Sports Protection Company Raising Awareness for Reducing Concussion Risk

PHILADELPHIA (April 25, 2017) – Many people may be unaware that April is designated as Sports Safety Month. Created as an initiative 10 years ago by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, the message for players and coaches is both meaningful and relevant. Unequal, a Philadelphia-based sport protection technology company, is supporting the Sports Safety Month awareness campaign while getting out their own message on reducing the risk of concussion. The company offers a complete line of Halo headgear products.

According to the AOSSM website Stop Sports Injuries, April’s Sports Safety Month is meant to serve as a “… comprehensive public outreach program focusing on the importance of sports safety – specifically relating to overuse and trauma injuries.” The program’s goals not only raise awareness and provide injury reduction advice, but also advocates developing smart and safe strategies designed to enhance players’ participation experiences in childhood athletics.

“Initiatives such as Sports Safety Month allow us yet another introduction in the conversation on reducing sports injury risks while elevating player confidence and performance levels,” said Jim Caldwell, executive vice president of Unequal. “The Stop Sports Injuries organization provides outstanding advice and prevention tips for multiple sports; however, our concentrated efforts focus on youth soccer, which has the highest concussion rate among female athletes.”

In a recent study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers found that girls were 27 percent more likely to sustain a soccer injury than boys. Injury in a game versus practice was 42 percent more common and concussions accounted for 18 percent of soccer injuries.

Earlier this month, Unequal conducted an internal survey of parents whose children participate in youth soccer, and the sample results were startling. Less than 10 percent of teams and coaches ever brought up the subject of head protection, and almost three-fourths of the respondents were unaware of equipment that can reduce head injury risk. Unequal’s Halo headgear was featured recently in news segments in the Chicago and Philadelphia markets, where parents, coaches and doctors extolled the virtues of utilizing an extra layer of protection for soccer players.

“Every day we’re hearing of more and more coaches now making our products a mandatory piece of equipment, just like shin guards,” Caldwell said. “We expect the interest in our Halo headgear to continue as coaches and soccer club organizations realize how much more confidently their players can perform with added protection designed to reduce the risk of concussions.”

About Unequal

Invented by company founder and CEO Rob Vito, Unequal® is military-grade protection that has been modified for sports applications. With over 100 patents in the U.S. and abroad, Unequal is fortified with technology like no other. From the World Cup to the NFL to collegiate and high school players, Unequal protects the best.

Unequal is well on its way to becoming a standard in football, soccer and other high-impact sports. Their military-grade composites are built with TriDur™, Accelleron® and optional ImpacShield™. This ultra-light, ultra-thin athletic gear works differently than virtually every other traditional foam and plastic of equal weight and thickness on the market by absorbing, dispersing and dissipating energy from an impact away from the body to provide the ultimate protection. It allows for greater protection without compromising mobility, so athletes can play more at their peak level.

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