Manchester 62 FC Partners with Unequal Technologies (Video)

Manchester 62. F.C owner and concussion safety advocate announces new partnership with leading protective headgear company, Unequal

The well documented story of current Manchester 62 Football Club owner and long time senior care advocate, Michael Anton Monsour’s mission to introduce the need for protective headgear in the world’s most popular sport has taken another step forward today in a press conference held at Unequal headquarters located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Standing alongside Unequal Co-Founders Rob Vito and Kyle Cunningham, Monsour, who’s clubs have sported protective headgear designed by Full90 since 2021, announced the switch to Unequal. A company specializing in military-grade protection that also modified it’s composites for sports, resulting in ultra-light and ultra-thin athletic gear, as well as boasting some of the highest results for safety rankings amongst its competitors. The Virginia Tech Head Impact Study awarded three of Unequal’s protective headgear models the coveted 5 star rating for reducing the risk of head injuries.

“This new partnership with Unequal is something that we at Manchester 62 take great pride in, as it reflects the club’s commitment to reducing the risk of concussions for our players on the pitch. Providing protective headbands of Unequal’s safety and comfort standards for our players, we hope will further inspire other leagues and clubs to look into supporting the health and well-being of their player’s brain.” – Michael Anton Monsour Owner/President Manchester 62 F.C.

“One of our passions is enabling players, long after the game is over, the opportunity to do long division math with their grandkids. So too often, players care very little about protecting their brain. Our thought is, let’s protect the head, as much as we do the shins and to find a partner like Manchester 62 F.C. that embraces that passion and the charities they support, are very near and dear to our hearts… We are looking forward to a very prosperous and safe partnership.” – Rob Vito CEO / Unequal Technologies

Manchester 62 F.C., formerly known as Manchester United Gibraltar, recently made football history, in their January 21st league match against College 1975, by becoming the first professional top flight European football club to have all ten outfield players wear protective head-gear in support of spreading awareness for the effects of degenerative brain disease and to promote the importance of player concussion safety across the world of football.

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