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Unequal partners with MVP Blaze Riorden

To debut the new certified Unequal lacrosse gear, we went right to the top and partnered with Blaze Riorden – The 2021 ‘PLL MVP’ and ‘Third-Straight Goalie of the Year.’ Brian Dougherty and Blaze worked with us on the Unequal CC Lacrosse Shoulder Pads, Goalie Chest Protector and PULSE Shirt to ensure they are protective and comfortable; and don’t inhibit movement or impede performance. Blaze will debut the PULSE Shirt at the season opener for the Philadelphia Wings!

Blaze is the reigning 3x PLL Oren Lyons Goalie of the Year. He also a 3x PLL All Star. In 2021, Blaze recorded one of the greatest seasons in history for goalie play. Blaze led the league in all goalie statistical categories, led his team to the Championship, was named MVP of the Championship Game and awarded The Jim Brown MVP of the PLL.

Blaze also plays professional indoor lacrosse for the Philadelphia Wings and Team USA where is he one of the best offensive players in the NLL.

Blaze Riorden wears the Unequal Pulse

“Lacrosse has always been my livelihood since the time I picked up a stick. Now reaching the pinnacle of the game I understand the importance of good pads. The sleek, protective, revolutionary padding Unequal has developed made it a no brainer, this is what I want to trust and be a part of. I’ve been lucky enough to help develop and test the gear that will now protect and help advance the next generation. Not all padding is created equal, and when it comes to protecting the heart, Unequal offers the best available technology along with a NOCSAE certification and FDA claim.”

—Blaze Riorden

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