“I’m honored to have protected a G.O.A.T.”

“They have come a long way in the protection as well, in terms of what these players are able to wear and protect themselves and yet still be functional. Rob Vito is the guy who came up with this Kevlar® layered vest or shirt, that he wears [Drew Brees]… that has really helped him. That’s a new technology that he has taken advantage of.” — TROY AIKMAN / FOX NFL COLOR COMMENTATOR 12-25-20

Unequal® was founded by Robert Vito when he was an adjunct professor in the Penn State Graduate Business Program. Rob was challenged by a student who wondered whether bulletproof armor could be made lighter and more flexible. The answer was Unequal, a revolutionary composite being used by the military, law enforcement personnel and governmental agents that helps reduce risk of injury. Backed by extensive testing from independent, accredited laboratories and over 100 U.S. and international patents. The technology developed to protect those that protect us was then adapted for sports applications.

“I’m honored to have protected a G.O.A.T,” Vito said. “I’m truly honored.”

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Unequal designed a custom two-shirt system. These shirts are made of a military grade protective composite that is thin, lightweight, and flexible.

The Invincible® Shirt, serving as the base layer, protects the ribs and shoulders, offering full range of movement. It’s a compression-style shirt with moisture-wicking comfort that features rib-guards and clavicle pads to bolster and accommodate shoulder pads with no overlap. As with the rest of Unequal’s product lines, this layer offers the company’s military grade protection with a ballistic BlastShield®, TriDur™, Accelleron®, Airilon® and DuPont Kevlar® materials.


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