Unequal Designs Custom Protective Gear for Drew Brees

Glen Mills, PA (Dec. 18, 2020) – Unequal®, the leading provider of customized and concealed sports protection gear, designed and delivered a custom protective shirt for NFL QB Drew Brees. For maximum protection, Unequal designed a custom two-shirt system comprised of a base layer (“Invincible Shirt”) and outer layer (“Pulse Shirt”). These shirts are made of a military grade protective composite that is thin, lightweight, and flexible.

“Unequal was contacted to design a protective solution for Drew Brees’ return to the field following his injury,” said Rob Vito, CEO of Unequal. “We put our best engineers and technicians on the project to create custom-designed shirt to best protect Brees’ injuries without impeding or restricting his throwing motion for Sunday’s big game. Unequal has been building custom protective gear for NFL quarterbacks since 2010, as well as other players in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA. Unequal is best known for their HALO® head protection, originally designed for the US Soccer players in the Olympics and World Cup, which has now become the number one on-field head protection for youth soccer. Unequal is also known for building custom head and body protection for Tom Cruise and his stunt teams for Mission: Impossible.”

The Invincible® Shirt, serving as the base layer, protects the ribs and shoulders, offering full range of movement. It’s a compression-style shirt with moisture-wicking comfort that features rib-guards and clavicle pads to bolster and accommodate shoulder pads with no overlap. As with the rest of Unequal’s product lines, this layer offers the company’s military grade protection with a ballistic BlastShield®, TriDur™, Accelleron®, Airilon® and DuPont Kevlar® materials.

The Pulse® Shirt is the outer layer, custom designed to offer extra protection for vulnerable areas with its strategically positioned patented military composites.

Drew Brees returned to action when the New Orleans Saints played the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Dec. 19. The Chiefs prevailed, winning 32-29.

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