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Champions Agree! Halo 3 doesn’t alter ball direction!

Utah’s Olympus High’s girls soccer wins State Championship with two key players wearing Unequal Halo

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Emma Neff scores overtime header winner with Unequal head protection

Utah HS Girls Soccer 5A Championship, Oct. 23, 2020
Olympus 1, Bonneville 0

Necie Gubler is a weapon on set pieces for Olympus High’s girls soccer team.

Emma Neff’s head is equally as dangerous.

Put the two together, and it adds up to a 24-year streak-buster.

Neff’s golden goal off Gubler’s corner kick in the first period of extra time helped fourth-seeded Titans hold off No. 2 Bonneville 1-0 Friday night to clinch Olympus’ first girls soccer championship since 1996.

“Necie’s amazing,” Neff said, giving credit to her teammate. “Necie can put the ball anywhere you tell her; she just does it. It’s amazing to watch.”

Gubler gave equal credit to the 5-foot-5 midfielder with a golden head.

“I know Emma’s the best header on our team,” Gubler said. “She was standing right in the six, and I knew if I hit to her, she’d get it in. And she put it in.”

By Sean Walker, | Posted – Oct. 23, 2020 at 7:51 p.m.
2020 | KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City UT


Utah HS Girls Soccer 5A Champions — Abby Holtby & Emma Neff


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