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Champions Agree! Halo 3 doesn’t alter ball direction!

Utah’s Olympus High’s girls soccer wins State Championship with two key players wearing Unequal Halo

Emma Neff scores overtime header winner with Unequal head protection

Utah HS Girls Soccer 5A Championship, Oct. 23, 2020
Olympus 1, Bonneville 0

Necie Gubler is a weapon on set pieces for Olympus High’s girls soccer team.

Emma Neff’s head is equally as dangerous.

Put the two together, and it adds up to a 24-year streak-buster.

Neff’s golden goal off Gubler’s corner kick in the first period of extra time helped fourth-seeded Titans hold off No. 2 Bonneville 1-0 Friday night to clinch Olympus’ first girls soccer championship since 1996.

“Necie’s amazing,” Neff said, giving credit to her teammate. “Necie can put the ball anywhere you tell her; she just does it. It’s amazing to watch.”

Gubler gave equal credit to the 5-foot-5 midfielder with a golden head.

“I know Emma’s the best header on our team,” Gubler said. “She was standing right in the six, and I knew if I hit to her, she’d get it in. And she put it in.”

By Sean Walker, | Posted – Oct. 23, 2020 at 7:51 p.m.
2020 | KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City UT


Utah HS Girls Soccer 5A Champions — Abby Holtby & Emma Neff


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