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The best things come in small packages

The Unequal HALO 3 once again scored the top ranking 😁 as “BEST OF THE BEST” on’s updated soccer headgear list! Read their independent comments about the product as well as important details surrounding soccer headbands.

BestReviews says…

“Our top pick, Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear, helps you maintain control of the ball while protecting your head from all kinds of danger.”

“Lightweight, with protection around the head’s circumference. Adjusts to your body as your own temperature changes. Holds up in practice and on the field.”


September 2020 – From BestReviews article on headgear in soccer

“Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and it’s played by more young people in the United States than any other sport. As with any contact sport, soccer players put their bodies at risk any time they take the field. These risks can be minimized by good rule making, good refereeing, and good sportsmanship. Nevertheless, accidents happen and having the right protective gear can make a world of difference.

Protective headgear for soccer players is becoming more common in competitive leagues and pickup games alike. With concerns over concussions and other head injuries coming into the public consciousness, soccer headgear is seen more often on the field of play these days.

Shopping for soccer headgear is as much about comfort as it is about safety. In order to perform at your peak ability, you need to feel both comfortable and secure. A number of different styles of soccer headgear are available to the public today, and the options continue to grow. If you want to do all you can to protect your head on the soccer field, check out our picks for the top choices in soccer headgear.”


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