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Actually… the University of Wisconsin Soccer Study shows Unequal Halo significantly lowered the concussion rate

Despite the Wisconsin study data showing ‘soccer headgear did not reduce the incidence or severity of SRC in high school soccer players,’ for all of the results combined, the results by individual product showed otherwise.

The Unequal HALO, when compared to players without headgear, showed the SRC rate for boys was dramatically reduced by 100%, and the girls was lowered by 35%. Consequently, the study’s generalized conclusion does not accurately represent the effective protection of superior headgear, like the Unequal HALO.

Dr. Joseph Maroon, a prominent world renowned Neurosurgeon, noted, ”the concern with generalized conclusions is all tested products are combined into one result, so the proven headgear is negatively skewed by poor headgear, causing the study’s conclusion to be misleading.”

Maroon added,“analysis of Wisconsin’s supplementary table showed the SRC rate of ‘inferior’ headgear was as bad as wearing ‘no’ headgear, which is consistent with the extensive testing of Virginia Tech. That is why Virginia Tech only recommends the 4 or 5-star rated headgear, like Unequal HALO.”

Virginia Tech’s results of the Unequal HALO was confirmed by the Wisconsin study. The HALO was awarded 5-stars, the highest rating by Virginia Tech’s Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics. The study’s results are the first independent ratings assigned to the evaluation of protective headgear for soccer players.


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