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Unequal Halo 1 Protective Headgear Review

With millions of sports players getting concussions each year, it’s imperative that players protect themselves to reduce the risk of getting one. Slipping on a lightweight, comfortable, and protective Unequal headband can reduce concussion risk as much as 74%, according to Virginia Tech’s extensive independent research. Knowing you’re protected means saying goodbye to the possibility of having headaches, blurry vision, and difficulty thinking clearly, all side effects of a cerebral concussion. The headband is available to purchase here.

Tech Specs

The Unequal Halo 1 headband is a must have for any sports player who experiences frequent collision and contact during play. What makes it one of the best protective headbands on the market is the fact that it reduces concussion risk by 74% and is rated ‘Best Available’ by Virginia Tech. It provides great protection for falls, collisions, and headers, and is especially great for practice drills where the head is at repetitive risk. It does not alter ball rebound, speed, or direction; it simply absorbs and disperses impact to keep you protected.

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