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Headgear drastically reduces soccer injuries – Virginia Tech study

You’re used to seeing helmets on the gridiron, but new research indicates that there may also be benefits on the soccer field to curb concussions and reduce injury significantly.

A Virginia Tech study shows that Halo headgear and even full on helmets have proven to be more effective in curbing concussions among soccer athletes.

But even he understands that as concerns over concussions heighten, parents consider safety first.

“I have some experience coaching high school sports; it’s definitely something I think about,” said Mindy Cone, a parent. “And you can never be too cautious with your kids.”

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Inside the lab where all the testing is done, scientists immolate the impact of players.

“Most concussions occur when two players go to hit a ball and rather than hit the ball they hit each other in the head,” explained Steve Rowson, the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab director.

They have determined that head gear is far more helpful than hurtful.

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