Advancements in Commotio Cordis Protection Upend Status Quo

Due to advancements in player protection and the resultant duty of care imposed by negligence laws, athletic leagues, regulatory agencies, sports governing bodies and associations, clubs, teams, schools and even coaches are becoming more proactive about commotio cordis, the No. 2 killer in sports.

According to Unequal, a leading manufacturer of sports protective gear, organizations and individuals now exposed are duty-bound to implement protection protocols for athletes and information campaigns for parents to help mitigate the catastrophic financial losses they could face, especially now that commotio can be viewed as a preventable death. Ignorance is no longer bliss.

What changed? A historic, important breakthrough for commotio cordis protection occurred with the invention of the Unequal HART device. Then, in a peer-reviewed, published study from Tufts Medical Center in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, Unequal’s effectiveness in greatly reducing the risk of commotio cordis was proven. Subsequently, a Food and Drug Administration Intended-for-Use (IFU) claim for the Unequal HART device was issued.


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