Cool New Things at the US Lacrosse Convention

While many booths are “the usual” things that don’t spark a ton of excitement, this convention is setup that someone could walk in knowing they have a new program starting in the spring, and walk out with orders for field equipment, uniforms, a website, management apps, and everything else they could dream of. So, let’s talk about the everything else.


LAXCON 2018 — The US Lacrosse Convention — From article

Unequal Hart Goalie

The most tragic part of lacrosse is when a player gets hit with a ball at that fraction of a second when their heart is vulnerable and we lose a player right there on the field. It does not happen often, but it is heavy in people’s minds whenever a defender soaks a shot in the upper body. This group not only makes a chest protector for goalies, but are now developing a guard to wear under a shirt, and even have a helmet liner to help reduce head injury risk. While these also require a ton of testing, it’s great to see a company putting research into better methods and materials focused solely on player safety.



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