Jessani Vazquez

Jessani is a 7 year old soccer player that says she wants to go pro. Talk about knowing what you want to do when you grow up! Earlier this year, though, she suffered a concussion when she fell during a game. She was out of commission for weeks and her parents struggled with how to deal with her comeback… and would there even be one? Unequal was the key.


“Hi! My name is Jessani Vazquez. I am 7 years old and I play Center Mid on my soccer team.”

Listen to Jessani & her mom talk about her experience.


POSITION: Center Mid
CLUB: Monka Soccer Academy
TEAM: MSA FC Girls 2009-2010
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • 1st Place Celtic Cup 2016
• 1st Place Oxnard Spring League 2017


Jessani says:

“My whole life I have dreamed to become a professional soccer player. During my semi-final game, I was tripped from behind and did half a flip and landed on my head. I started having headaches and started seeing spots. My parents took me to the hospital and the doctor said I had a concussion. I couldn’t play soccer for a few weeks. I felt scared that I wouldn’t be the same when I came back. My parents started researching and they found the Unequal Halo. It made me confident and safe.”


Jessani’s Mom Teresa:

“When I saw my daughter on the ground, I was paralyzed with fear and could not move. Once she started complaining about headaches, seeing spots, and vomiting, we knew it was time to take her in to the hospital. Seeing my daughter going through a Cat Scan was heartbreaking- I wish I could have done something to have prevented this from happening. Initially, I thought of pulling her completely from soccer, but with Jessani’s passion and determination to go far in the sport, it was not an option. My husband and I began researching different safety equipment for her to use during the game, and nothing seemed like something she would actually wear. Finally, we ran into the Unequal Halo, and with a bunch of questions, I called and felt like I found what we were looking for. I truly believe that just as the shin guards, the cleats, the uniform is all standard to be on the field, so should be the Unequal Halo. As a parent, I always feared an ankle injury, or a knee injury, but never took into consideration a concussion, especially at 7 years old. It is never too early to take preventative measures when it comes to the safety of your children once they reach a competitive level in any sport. Jessani knows that she will not play without her Halo, and she loves it!”



Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.

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