Bianca Garcia

The difference in Bianca’s play has been profound since she chose Unequal. Not only has she noticed the surge in confidence and dramatic improvement in her on-field performance, but her family, coach and team have too.


“It’s been incredible what the Halo has done for my game and how it has made me feel since my injuries. It has been perfect for me.”

Listen to Bianca talk about the Unequal Halo


HOMETOWN: Helotes, Texas
POSITION: Center Midfielder
CLUB: Sting Soccer, San Antonio
TEAM: Sting 01
LEVEL: Division 1
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • Fall 2010 U10 State Champions
• 2016 Presidents Cup Region III Semi-Finalist
• Plays for all 3 teams
— 1998 Division 1
— 2000 State Classic League
— 2001 Division 1 (Team Captain)
CONCUSSIONS: 2 prior to Unequal
0 since (worn for 1 year)


Bianca says:

“I love to play soccer. I play in both high school and in a club and just really enjoy the game, the competition, the friends I’ve made. Before I discovered Unequal’s Halo, I had had 2 concussions, one of them complicated by a neck and back injury. My family and I knew I needed some protection if I was going to play again. I tried other headgear but they were bulky and not very comfortable and a distraction. We found the Unequal Halo online. I liked how it looked so I tried it.

It’s been incredible what the Halo has done for my game and how it has made me feel since my injuries. It has been perfect for me.

When I first came back to playing, I was nervous about how I would play, how the headgear would feel, what others would say. But it was fine. Unequal ‘headgear’ looks just like a headband, it’s very lightweight, feels great. After my first header and I took my first fall, I realized I was Ok, that the protection was real… and I really got back to my old self. Actually, I think I am playing better than ever. I forget I have it on. I just feel so secure wearing it. I can’t play without it.

My coach wasn’t comfortable letting me play varsity when I first came back, but once he saw how well I was playing with the Unequal headgear, he brought me up to Varsity. He and my teammates won’t let me step onto the field without it. They know after 2 concussions I am at risk and need the protection, but they also they see the difference it makes in my play. The boost in my confidence is real. Any hesitancy is gone. I play my position like I am supposed to… like I want to. I know my options with each situation and choose what is right offensively or defensively as opposed to what is safer. My technical skills have improved a lot.

My coach is working to get the rest of the team to use Unequal, especially ones with injuries.”


Bianca’s Uncle, Gus:

“People are saying ‘wow, we haven’t ever seen Bianca play this well, what is going on?’ The only difference is Unequal and the Halo.

When she first came back from her injuries we were very wary and nervous about how she would do or feel out on the field. She was hesitant at first for sure. Nervous. But she pushes through now. She’s first to the ball. You can just see the surge in her confidence. She’s regained her technical form and then some. Even the last couple weeks she has elevated to a new level. It’s fantastic to see her play with such confidence and just be herself again.

Until you experience it first hand and see the difference, you are skeptical. You see a player who loves the game so much to want nothing more than to play and then to see that player overcome their fear and play at an even higher level… it doesn’t get better than that.”

Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.

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