USWNT Player Wears Unequal Halo Headgear During Women’s World Cup

The U.S National Women’s Soccer Team begins play today against Australia in the 2015 FIFA World Cup and defender Ali Krieger will wear the Unequal Halo™ headgear for performance protection to help minimize the risk of another concussion. Their military grade protection Kevlar based sports technology enhanced product has a patented fusion of TriDur®, Accelleron® and other materials inside designed, engineered and tested to offer customized and concealed protection. The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Unequal Technologies Company, EVP, Marketing & Media, Jim Caldwell, about their tech for various sport, what the WWC 15 exposure since January means for girls and women that play soccer across the nation and around the world, and why they do not advertise and rely on word of mouth to get the word out. As they say around Unequal, the green is good.

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