Unequal Insoles Receive the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance

GLEN MILLS, Pa., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/–Unequal® Technologies, the leading provider of customized, concealed sports protection, announced today that Unequal insoles have been granted the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. The APMA awards the Seal of Acceptance to products that are beneficial and important to foot health. Unequal insoles, made with a patented military-grade composite fortified with Kevlar® and two forms of Accelleron, offer orthotic-like support, stability and comfort and are proven to reduce chronic impact shock by as much as 80 percent when used as replacement insoles for athletic or civilian footwear.


“We regularly put our products in front of the country’s leading researchers and scientists for validation, so that people can trust Unequal to perform as claimed,” said Unequal Technologies CEO Rob Vito. “The APMA is the authority on foot health, and we’re proud that our insoles have met their performance standards.”

APMA’s Podiatric Seals Committee scientifically evaluated Unequal insoles to ensure that the products allow for normal foot function while also promoting quality foot health.

Unequal insoles reduce impact shock through the use of their multi layered, proprietary composite, which absorbs and disperses impact forces that normally penetrate up through the shoe into the body’s skeletal chain with every step, often causing, aggravating, or worsening aches and pains.

C. Nataraj, PhD, professor, Villanova University College of Engineering and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, tested the Unequal composite and said, “We proved conclusively that Unequal reduces vibration by 60 to 80 percent in reference to the length of time that the vibration persists as well as in the range of frequencies where the human body would feel vibrations.”

Unequal manufactures and sells Ultrathin and Ultralite insoles for use in athletic cleats, skates, running shoes, cross-training shoes, cycling shoes and golf shoes and for everyday civilian use. Hundreds of professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLL and ATP circuit trust Unequal insoles to provide important protection for their feet.

Unequal also manufactures supplemental head padding and protective body gear. To learn more about Unequal products or Unequal Technologies, visit

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About Unequal Technologies
Unequal Technologies’ mission is to protect people in the military, sports, work and life. Unequal Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection technology. Its patented fusion of a military-grade composite fortified with Kevlar®, Accelleron and optional ImpacShield is engineered for customized, concealed protection.  Unequal is committed to help reduce blunt force trauma generated by sports and military impacts. Professionals in the NFL, NHL, MLB and X Games, as well as college and youth athletes in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, action sports, contact sports and other activities, wear Unequal’s protective head and body gear. With more than 85 international and U.S. patents and patents pending, Unequal products have been tested by independent certified laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities. Unequal is the proud recipient of the DuPont Kevlar® Innovation Award and is one of Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies.

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