James Harrison


I won’t practice or play without Unequal and neither will my kids.

“When I first heard of Unequal in the fall of 2011, I had cracked an orbital bone around my eye and was not sure when I could return. I knew when I did return, I would need added protection. I had heard what Unequal had done with some other NFL players and got in touch with Unequal. They thought they could help, designed custom protection for my helmet, and the next thing you know I was back on the field with Unequal in my helmet. Since that 2011 season there’s been no turning back.”


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ABOUT James Harrison

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers 2014-Present
Position: Outside Linebacker
NFL Career: 2002-Present
Super Bowl Wins: 2
Pro Bowls: 5
First-Team All Pro: 2
Total Tackles: 785
Sacks: 81.5
Forced Fumbles: 33
Fumble Recoveries: 8
Interceptions: 8
Defensive TD: 1
Concussions: Too many to count (before Unequal)


Hits feel different.

“There like a dull thud that seems spread out. I have said it’s like Novocain, you feel pressure, but not the pain. When I come off the field my head is clearer, I don’t have the shooting stars in my eyes, the headaches are less. Playing football is just better with Unequal.  A bunch of my teammates use Unequal too.”


Certainly, a reason for my longevity in pro football is Unequal. It’s played a role for sure.

“Playing in the NFL as long as I have, there are many factors as to how I have been able to do that. People say my workouts are insane. I pay attention to what I eat, how much sleep I get. I follow advice from people who know what they are talking about.”


People ask me about my kids playing. Knowing what I know now, with all that is going on in football and what can happen later on in life, I won’t let my kids practice or play without Unequal in their helmet and needless to say neither will I.”

Get Informed. Be Protected. Play Stronger.

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